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The Creator

 Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, Joy Martinez

The Strong Business Planner™ was created and designed by Joy Martinez, a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach and Owner of StrengthsDNA.

Joy empowers online service-based entrepreneurs to discover, appreciate, and leverage their unique talents and strengths for business success, to boost their confidence to show up unapologetically as their authentic self, to create a strong business, and to find more joy in their work so they can make a huge impact in the world! Read her full story here.


I wanted to create a fabulous workbook for my clients...something to help them practice using their strengths more, reflect on and appreciate their strengths more, as well as provide business planning pages that would help them build a strong business aligned with my Strong 7 Business Framework

The Strong 7 Business Framework is a continual cycle of discovering, improving, and leveraging to continue growing your business and yourself. These seven elements are crucial to the growth of your business and are what you need to master in order to take your business to the next level. This was the initial inspiration behind the planner.

I was also struggling to find a planner for myself that worked in the way I needed it to work. I wanted space to plan my day, week, and month, along with additional reflection, journaling, and tracking pages. I wanted something that would be useful to online entrepreneurs - both for their business and their life.

#realtalk I also have a huge love for office supplies and back-to-school season. So, this secretly was also a push behind the have my very own planner!


I thought you might! Here are some fun facts about me:

The Strong Business Planner - The Creator: Joy Martinez, Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach
  • I have an identical twin sister! This is a big part of what makes me who I am. Without her, I wouldn't be complete! But, we different strengths, believe it or not!
  • I grew up dancing, tap was my favorite but I also did jazz, ballet, contemporary and lyrical. In fact, my nickname was the tap queen. I even taught at my old dance studio for years before I had to give up dancing due to two major foot surgeries (which ultimately opened the door to me pursing my MBA in the evenings instead).
  • My top strengths on the StrengthsFinder assessment are: Maximizer, Responsibility, Relator, Learner, Achiever, Futuristic, Significance, Strategic, Input, Focus. What do these strengths mean? Find out here.
  • I have a toddler son who is the light of my life. It's been a joy to be a work-at-home mom ever since he was born! I also have an amazing husband and super spoiled (and super lazy) Shih-Tzu puppy.
  • I love, love, love reading and even love the smell of a new book! I could spend all day in a bookstore. I prefer physical books rather than books on my Kindle.
  • I don't yet own a hot tub, but if I did, I would spend every night in there! After my foot surgeries, it's like heaven!
  • My guilty pleasures? Chocolate (duh!), baths, reality TV, office supplies, and podcast binging!