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Full Planner

The Strong Business Planner™ - Full Planner

The Strong Business Planner.png
The Strong Business Planner.png

The Strong Business Planner™ - Full Planner


The Strong Business Planner™ is a planner, productivity, and strengths development resource all rolled into one. Created by Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach and Owner of StrengthsDNA, Joy Martinez.

The planner is designed to help you create a strong business that focuses on discovering, appreciating, and leveraging your strengths and managing (not fixing) your weaknesses.

Your unique talents are the source of your true potential. The greater you apply these talents, the greater your potential to consistently act with more confidence, direction, and hope.

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This is the full printable planner, which includes 26 different printable planner page sets. Each planner page set includes complete instructions for use.

Print the pages you'd like to use daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and as needed. Then, follow the instructions included to complete each page set.

Each printable planner page set can be purchased individually; however, the full planner bundle is available at a significant discount. 24 planner page sets are $2.99 each and 2 planner pages sets are valued at $2.99 but are given to you as a free printable! That's almost $78 worth for only $49.99. The full planner includes 26 planner page sets:

  1. Core Values
  2. Business Vision
  3. Monthly Goals
  4. Monthly Plan
  5. Weekly Plan
  6. To-Do List
  7. Daily Mindset
  8. Monthly Review
  9. Clues to Talent
  10. My Top 5 Talents
  11. Daily Strengths Zone
  12. Free Your Strengths
  13. Stop Your Weaknesses
  14. Peaks + Pits
  15. Strengthen Your Week
  16. Strong Moments
  17. Strengths Statements
  18. Self-Care Assessment
  19. New Product + Service
  20. Visibility Tracker
  21. Gratitude Journal
  22. Brainstorm Map
  23. Support Your Strengths
  24. Notes
  25. Daily Profit Tracker
  26. Monthly Money Tracker

This is a digital file available for immediate download upon purchase. For usage and printing tips, go here.

All designs are copyright of StrengthsDNA, LLC and cannot be copied or distributed through any other channels. All designs are for personal use only. For full terms and conditions, visit here. Due to the nature of the product - a digital download - all sales are final and non-refundable.