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The Planner

The Strong Business Planner™ is a printable planner designed to help you create a strong business that celebrates and leverages your unique talents and strengths. It's a planning, productivity, and strengths development resource, all wrapped into one amazing printable planner.

It was created and designed by Joy Martinez, a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach and Owner of StrengthsDNA

The planner is designed for entrepreneurs, is strengths-based, is in an easy-to-print format, and includes instruction sheets for each planner page so that you know exactly how to best utilize each page.

Read the usage recommendations and FAQ.

benefits to a printable planner

The Strong Business Planner is a printable, what makes a printable planner so great?

  • No wasted pages: Use only what you want, when you want
  • Use the planner for life: Print what pages you need over and over again without having to re-purchase a new planner every year
  • Design your own custom planner: See my recommendations here
  • Unlike a pre-bound format, no worrying about running out of your favorite pages
  • Print what size works for you and your lifestyle: Available in full letter size (U.S. 8.5"x11") and half sheet size (U.S. 5.5"x8.5")
  • Plan, execute, reflect, journal, and brainstorm via pen and paper...see why I love this below!

A Planner Rooted in Strengths-Based Development

Do you ever wonder why you make certain choices? Why you do what you do? Why you like certain things? Why you feel the way you do? Why you are better at some things than others? Why you are the way you are?

There's a reason. It's your talents.

Your talents - those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come naturally to you - are the source of your true potential. They are what make you uniquely you, and are what will make your business unique and successful.

Many people think you can excel at anything if you try hard enough. But that conventional approach is flawed and can restrict your ability to achieve greatness. 

The strengths-based approach to development assumes that only some behaviors can be learned and weakness fixing may prevent failure but strengths building leads to success.

When people learn how to consciously seek and invent ways to apply their talents to their goals and tasks, their ability to perform with excellence increases substantially.

A person's most direct path to individual growth and improvement begins with a primary investment in his or her greatest talents.

When we’re able to put most of our energy into developing our natural talents, extraordinary room for growth exists. So, a revision to the “You-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be” maxim might be more accurate: You cannot be anything you want to be—but you can be a lot more of who you already are.
— Tom Rath, Strengths Finder 2.0

strengths-based development is a journey...and so is your business.

The Strong Business Planner was designed with the online entrepreneur at heart so that you can design your business leveraging your unique talents and strengths to make a big impact, love what you do, and create a really strong, successful business.

It's a planning, productivity, and strengths development resource in one printable planner!

Why a Paper Planner Can Be Your Best Productivity and Planning Tool

In the world of everything digital, many calendars and planners have turned into apps and online tools. While I use several apps and online tools to keep my business running (I'm all about automation and technology where it makes sense), when it comes to planning in my business, I prefer pen and paper. 

here are 3 reasons you may love a paper planner:

1. When you write things down, you remember them better, and what you write seems more meaningful: I always feel more connected to a goal, to-do item, or idea when I first start with pen and paper. For whatever reason, when I put things in my computer, it doesn't seem as concrete. I tend to be more dedicated toward accomplishing my goals when I have the written down and in front of me. You know that saying, "out of sight, out of mind"? Yah, it's kind of like that for me.

2. I see everything at once, at a glance: Sure, I can view my online calendar at a glance online, but not all of my business "stuff" at once. For example, I can reference my goals, reflect at the end of the month, check off my to-do list, track my online visibility, and analyze my strong moments from the week all in my paper planner. I haven't found one tool that will allow me to do that online, easily.

3. More than a planner, it's also a journal: What I love about paper planners is they can act as a journal as well. There are many journaling and reflection pages included in The Strong Business Planner so that you can recognize and celebrate accomplishments, practice gratitude, work on your mindset, and have a historical story of your business (a growth story)!

Don't get me wrong, digital has it's place too. In fact, I use a combination of The Strong Business Planner (yes, I use it too!) and online tools such as Trello (for project & content management and client collaboration) and Google Calendar (syncs to my Calendly scheduling tool for clients). 

Can you use The Strong Business Planner by itself? Most definitely! Can you use it to supplement and support your favorite online tools? For sure!

My recommendation? Make it work for you! The planner comes as a full planner kit and is sold by individual pages as well, so you choose how many pages and what pages you want to use in your business.

Design and build your business by leveraging your strengths.

With that being said, what makes this planner so unique and different than any other planner out there is it's strengths-based approach. You will find most benefit to your business if you incorporate some or all of the strengths-based development pages in your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual planning.

What is a strong business?

A strong business is a business that allows you to step into your role as CEO, surpasses your expectations and dreams by leveraging your unique strengths, and gives you the opportunity to love doing what you do, every day.


Being a strengths empowered entrepreneur means embracing your unique talents and strengths and leveraging them to serve and change the world, lead with purpose, and unapologetically be your authentic self.

My mission is to empower you to discover, appreciate, and leverage your unique talents and strengths so that you can:

  • Make a big impact
  • Change the world
  • Create a super strong, successful business
  • Boost your confidence
  • Find more joy in your work
  • And love what you do