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Strong Business Planning Workshop

2017 Strong Business Planning Workshop


Let's face it, planning can often feel overwhelming. The New Year is approaching which means NOW is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and start planning for what you want to achieve this year.

In the 3-hour Strong Business Planning Workshop (one-on-one), we'll be doing our planning together, from a strengths-based approach!

  • Goal setting and action-planning aligned with your strengths
  • Yearly review from 2016 - wins & misses
  • Find the right support for your strengths and weaknesses - through better processes, systems, partnerships, or outsourcing
  • Figure out when you feel strong, and plan for more Strong Moments and Peaks in your biz
  • Work through how you can better maximize your strengths to reach your goals and make sales - not just "use" your strengths but how you can strategically make best use of them in your business
  • and much more

PLUS, you get unlimited email support from me for one week following the workshop so I can answer any questions or review your plan! 

PLUS, it includes The Strong Business Planner™ ($49.99 value), so that you have tangible worksheets to help you in your planning process.

$647 - ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $497


  • The Strong Business Planner™ ($49.99 value)
    • If you already have the planner, email me for a different booking link, discounted by $50
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment, full 1-34 rank ($89 value) to discover your natural strengths
    • If you already have your top 5 results, I will upgrade you to your full rank ($74 value)
    • If you already have your full rank, email me for a different booking link, discounted by $89
  • Balconies + Basements document personalized with your top strengths, showing you the most productive aspects of your talent themes and potential barriers/vulnerabilities to watch out for
  • Customized Trello board with strategies and tips for your top 10 strengths
  • Three-hour 1:1 Coaching Workshop, broken into two sessions:
    • 90-minute strengths intensive (deep dive into your StrengthsFinder results and applications for your business)
    • 90-minute planning intensive (setting you up to design your business leveraging your strengths)
  • Unlimited email support (or Trello) for one month