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How to Use & Print


Watch the video below for a how-to tutorial on how to use The Strong Business planner, how you can personalize it, and how I personally use the planner.

...and for a really deep-dive into the planner, including what inspired me to create it, how to use the planner, and a full page by page walk through of the planner, watch the Full Planner Deep-Dive video:

what you get

This printable planner (and each digital file) includes a high resolution, print-ready .pdf document: 

  • Standard Letter size (8.5"x11" U.S.)
    • Mini size - Half sheet (5.5"x8.5" U.S.) can be printed by following the instructions below
  • Instruction page for each planner set

Upon purchase, you will be get an instant download of the digital products you purchased. You will not receive a physical product; this is a printable, digital planner that you print yourself. You can print the file as many times as you'd like for personal use.

Simply download, print, and enjoy!

how to use

There are daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and use as needed planner pages. Print and use the pages throughout your day, week, month, year, or as needed, as it fits in your business. Each instruction page details what the planner page is designed for and the best way to use it, as well as the best order to use the pages in. Each listing in the shop also details the best order to use the pages and general instructions.

All planner pages have room to be three-hole punched and added to your favorite binder. See below for my binder and accessories recommendations.

Tip: To save on paper, insert the planner pages into a plastic sleeve instead and use a fine tip dry erase marker; simply erase and start over on the next day! Still want to save your daily pages instead of losing them after erasing? Take a photo and save digitally; print as needed in the future.


The planner is a high resolution 300dpi file, perfect for printing; however, colors on your monitor and printer may differ slightly and is outside of my control.

The planner pages themselves are set up for easy printing without using up all of your color ink; they are set as 90% black ink designed to be printed on plain white paper. The only full-color pages are the cover and introduction pages, which you can choose to print or not.

Printing tips:

  • Set the size of the paper to "Actual Size" or "Fit" (which will scale it slightly smaller), whichever you prefer. You will not cut off any content by choose Actual Size; files are set up with 0.75" margins so they can easily be printed and three-hole punched without running into any of the content itself.
  • You may print in black/white or grayscale as every page is set to 90% black ink.
  • The digital files are set up to print one page per full sheet of paper (8.5x11 inches); if you would like to print multiple pages per sheet of paper, select the "Multiple" option on your printer. This is the setting you'd want to select to print 2 pages per page (half sheets, aka: mini binder). Select 2 pages per sheet. Simply cut in half after printing.
  • If you would like to print double-sided, be sure to select the box to flip on the long side so that the planner is not upside down on the other side.

planner page key

Each planner page has a recommended use frequency indicated by the following icons. You’ll find the icons displayed at the top of the planner pages. Some pages can be used in more than one frequency; for example, you may prefer to use a page marked with W and M weekly, while another person may prefer to only use it monthly. It's completely your preference on how you'd like to use the pages.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, As Needed


Build-Your-Own Custom Planner Binder

The great thing about a printable planner is that you can customize your own planner with whatever binder and accessories you love and include all (or some) of the planner pages you like. The possibilities are endless, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. TUL™ Custom Note-Taking System Notebook, 9 1/2" x 11 1/2", Narrow Rule, 60 Pages (30 Sheets), Pearl White // Office Depot $39.99*. This is one of my absolute favorites because you can purchase larger discs to make room for more paper.
  2. TUL™ Custom Note-Taking System Discbound Hole Punch, Silver // Office Depot $34.99. Easily punch your pages to fit in the TUL™ custom note-taking system.
  3. TUL® Pearl Collection Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point,, Pearl Barrel, Black/Blue ink, Pack of 4. // Office Depot $7.99. These are beautiful pens that are sure to look beautiful in your office.
  4. TUL™ Custom Note-Taking System Discbound Tab Dividers, 8 1/2" x 11", Letter Size, Gray. // Office Depot $4.99. Perfect separators for sectioning off your planner pages.
  5. Uni-ball® Vision™ Elite™ Liquid Ink Rollerball Pens, Micro Point, 0.5mm, Black Barrels, Assorted Ink Colors, Pack of 8. // Office Depot $18.99. These are, hands-down, my favorite pens of all time. They glide so smoothly and will fill up your planner with colorful fun!
  6. Zebra® F-301 Stainless Steel Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Black Ink, Pack of 1 // Office Depot $5.79. These are my favorite ballpoint pens. They write beautifully and are retractable so you never lose the cap.
  7. Swingline® Easy View 3-Hole Punch, Black/Silver. // Office Depot $23.79. A simple, yet effective, three-hole punch to easy add your planner pages to any three-ring binder.
  8. OIC® Assorted Binder Clips, Assorted Sizes, Gold, Pack of 30. //Office Depot $6.19. These gold binder clips will look gorgeous in your binder to section off or bookmark your planner pages.
  9. See Jane Work® Binder Clips, Gold Stripe, Pack of 6. // Office Depot $3.99. Aren't the gold stripes adorable?
  10. Divoga® Gold Struck Paper Clip and Binder Clip Assortment, 1/2" wide, Assorted, Pack of 170. // Office Depot $5.99. These colors are right up my alley!
  11. Office Depot® Brand Heavy-Duty D-Ring View Binder, 1" Rings, 100% Recycled, Teal. // Office Depot $7.49. This is a very simple binder, but I love the D-shaped ring because it makes the pages lay nicely and you can add a custom cover in the front clear sleeve. They have this in multiple ring sizes.
  12. Office Depot® Brand Simple-Load Sheet Protectors, 8 1/2" x 11", Clear, Pack of 25. // Office Depot $8.39. These clear sheet protectors are perfect for your daily planner pages. Simply use a fine-tip dry erase marker on them if you wish to re-use the page each day and save on paper. 
  13. Divoga® Gold Struck Mini Binder, 1" Rings, Assorted Designs. // Office Depot $5.99. I just love this gold polkadot mini binder (half sheet) design.

*all prices subject to change by manufacturer or retailer.


This product is licensed for personal print use only. Any items included may not be copied, distributed, altered or resold in any form or fashion. These files may not be copied or distributed on your website or reproduced without written consent. Buying any of these files does not transfer copyright.

These pages may not be shared with others; if someone is interested in these pages, they may download free printables and purchase planner pages or the full planner at

For full terms and conditions, visit here.

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